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Brooklyn Cinnamon Babka
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Experience our JUMBO Artisan Peanut Butter Cups, (5oz.) custom made to satisfy every decadent desire. Filled with homemade peanut butter filling, cookie butter filling or even cake filling, they are then sealed with premium gourmet Belgian chocolate that is perfectly tempered and topped with a combination of favorite classic chocolates and cookies that we all love, drizzled with more chocolate for a unique and delicious combination. 

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What are they?

Monster Chocolate Cups that feed 2 or 3 people per serving. They are filled with unique home made peanut butter fillings or cake/pies. They are then sealed with Belgian Chocolate and then topped with classic cookies or candy bars that are very nostalgic and classic. We do creative pairings and unique combinations to make the cup a curated experience. Our menu is ever changing and we do like to improvise flavors, so please check back often and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for drops and other fun stuff.


This is still up for debate. We personally like cutting them in half. Some people dig smashing them and picking at them, others eat them like an apple.  It's your world, do YOU!


Unfortunately, at the moment, these are not for you.

These delicious chocolate grenades may have peanuts and other tree nuts, dairy, gluten and sugar.  They have tons of sugar.  Like a lot!

You have been warned!

Cookie Monster
King Tubby


Patrick LaMarca Fishing

4AM CANDY CO. was created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. The owner is a NYC based Live Sound Production Manager of a prominent venue in Midtown Manhattan, and a long time house and touring FOH sound engineer who has worked with many music acts, in numerous NYC and Brooklyn venues for the past 15 years. 

He has always had a passion for food and cooking, always checking out the local foodie fares while touring all over the world. At home in Brooklyn, he and his girlfriend would go all over the city to try the new hip and trendy foodie must have dishes and treats.

The name 4am comes from the love of that time. Working late at events and concerts, 4am was usually the most interesting time of the day when the work night would end. Also, as an avid surf and kayak salt water fisherman, 4am was usually the right time to be on the water.

It's just a very special time of day where a lot of cool things can go down. 

He lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with his lovely girlfriend and awesome doggo.

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Brooklyn Nutella Babka
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